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//Our Timber Frame Floor Joists

At Pinewood Structures, we offer a range of timber frame floor joists to suit your development. Whether your project is residential or commercial, we can help you choose the best timber frame construction joists for your project. We are industry-leading specialists and have worked with a variety of buildings, trusted to deliver every time.

Your choice of timber floor joists will depend on the span, depth and centres of your specification. As one of the key considerations when building houses, apartments and commercial properties, it’s important you choose a trusted company you can rely on.

Metal Web Joists

All of our metal web joists are engineered and fabricated in-house under our stringent quality assurance processes. A popular choice amongst housebuilders, metal web joists are high performance and strong yet lightweight, potentially reducing the need for internal load-bearing walls.

These metal webbed joists used in your timber frame enable a clear run for services and utilities to be routed through floors, so there is no need for cutting and drilling. As a company that still holds traditional construction values, Pinewood Structures embrace modern and innovative options such as metal web joists. Email hello@pinewood-structures.co.uk to find out about the right timber frame joists for your project today.


One of the most common joists chosen by our customers are I-joists. Engineered timber frame floor I-joists are shaped like the letter “I”; the web is inserted in between 2 flanges creating this unique shape.

At Pinewood Structures, our I-joists are pre-cut to size to suit any project, from housing developments to apartment schemes. They are all supplied as pre-formed floor cassettes which increase health and safety compared to loose joists and enable quicker build times to meet strict deadlines.

Solid Joists

Another option for your timber frame construction are solid joists which are supplied as floor cassettes; a prefabricated flooring system complete with structural components, and chipboard decking.

Manufacturing solid joists offsite means we can accelerate the erection process whilst improving health and safety on-site. Efficient in every sense, our solid joists are tailored to your unique requirements and we have the ability to manufacture small to large formats, depending on the load specification. Always manufactured under our renowned quality assurance procedures, we guarantee you will have a stable finished product once installed.

Timber Frame Floor Joists


//Timber Floor Joist Construction

Your choice of timber frame floor joists comes down to a number of factors – from span requirements to ease of use on site to shrinkage requirements.

The Pinewood Structures team will be on-hand in the design stages to help identify which timber floor joists would suit your project best. If you have a specific budget in mind, span requirements, or your site conditions require certain structural elements, we are here to help you navigate this decision. 

We can guide you through the pros and cons of each choice, so get in touch today.

//Benefits of Timber Floor Joists

  • Long-term structural stability
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Saves significant time and labour costs
  • Reduces health and safety risks on site through our cassette floors
  • Lightweight yet robust and reliable
  • Improved acoustic performance
  • Easy access for services and utilities installation
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