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Leading the way in Timber Frame Construction

Pinewood Structures is a leading provider of timber frame homes and structural solutions encompassing Quantum(TM) high performance timber frame technology.

See also our useful Downloads and Links and check out how Pinewood Psi values can help lower your non repeating thermal bridge SAP 2009 Y-value, "Enhance" your U-values and eliminate the need for expensive renewables.

Why not contact us today and find out how we can help you construct your projects in timber frame whether they are timber frame homes, timber frame hotels, timber frame supermarkets or timber frame student accommodation?

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Oakgrove Village
Milton Keynes
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Products & Services

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Timber Frame

A modern structural timber frame is one of the most advanced construction systems available today. It ensures high quality, reduced build times and is by far the most sustainable method of construction.

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Quantum TM Timber Frame Panel System

Quantum (TM) Technlogy

Pinewood’s Quantum™ technology offers a high performance building envelop with scalable U-value dependent upon SAP requirements. With two primary variants, all important junctions have been thermally modelled to optimise Psi and Y-values within SAP 2009.

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Flooring Options

Pinewood offers a number of flooring solutions. Whether the project requires softwood joists, I-joists or Eco-Joists (Metal Web), Pinewood is able to meet your requirements. Decking variants range from basic OSB sub-decks to Egger Protect chipboard for the best flooring solution available.

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Pinewood Structures recognised by Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service -
Long standing support for retained fire fighters...