//Pinewood Structures’ Sustainability Promise

With timber being the only truly renewable building material, timber frame construction is part of a circular economy. Pinewood Structures strives to reflect this and enhance sustainability through our manufacturing process.

Month on month, our business operations are regularly reviewed to maintain environmentally conscious practices. We currently measure our carbon usage, alongside water usage, waste generation and other key metrics. From this, we look for further ways to reduce our environmental impact as timber frame manufacturers.

//Our Carbon Saving Initiatives

  • Sourcing our timber from certified sustainable sources
  • Utilising our waste timber as biofuel to heat our factory
  • Installing solar arrays at our Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire site
  • Switching our company fleet to hybrid or fully electric company cars

As part of our growth strategy, we are currently working on a net zero business plan so that, as we grow, our decarbonisation strategies can grow alongside us. Pinewood Structures’ aim is to provide our clients with a completely sustainable solution, from sourcing through to manufacturing and construction.