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//Our Timber Frame Roof Systems

Our complete timber frame construction package includes walls, floors and timber frame roofs. Complete your timber frame with an equally efficient timber frame roof from Pinewood Structures. From roof trusses to our pre-insulated, panelised One-Roof™ system, our roofs are individually designed to the roof profile of the building structure, adding the finishing touch to your project.

We are trusted to deliver and, by choosing our timber frame roof system, you will get to experience a quality delivery that you can rely on. For your next development, come to Pinewood Structures for the complete timber frame package.

Timber Frame Roof Trusses

All of our timber frame roof trusses are manufactured offsite and we have the ability to fabricate them in-house. This provides a huge number of benefits such as avoiding delays, reducing on-site labour costs and improving on-site safety.

Erected as part of our timber frame kits, we can provide and assemble roof trusses for any project including new builds, apartment blocks, and both residential and commercial developments. We take great pride in offering flexible and economical timber frame roofs for your construction project.

Pinewood One-Roof™ System

In addition to our timber frame roof trusses, we also offer an all-in-one pre-insulated panelised system: One-Roof™.  Benefitting from Pinewood Structure’s 40 years of experience and market-leading service levels, our stringent QA processes are used to manufacture the panelised, pre-insulated timber frame roof system, spandrel panels and internal partitions. Each design is project specific, with elements bespoke cut to suit the scheme.

Our One-Roof™ System reduces build times to 1 day for up to 4 units rather than 2 weeks, becoming weathertight in a day and delivering full site installation and craneage. Benefit from enhanced safety compared to attic trusses and cut roof solutions, and flexibility that works around different roof profiles. Our panelised roof system can be used on masonry, LGSF or timber frame developments and can incorporate GRP chimneys, dormers and rooflights – whatever the requirements, One-Roof™ can work with your development.

timber framing


//Timber Frame Roof Construction Process

Our timber frame roof construction process is handled by our large network of qualified and reliable installers.

With over 40 years’ experience delivering and installing timber frame roofs, you can rely on Pinewood Structures and our ISO:9001 quality control procedures.

To start, the panels and roof trusses are designed to your specifications in-house using 3D CAD/CAM. The trusses are then fabricated in-line with the signed off designs. We also supply any other required components depending on your project requirements e.g., posts, beams, timber or steel purlins, etc. With our One-Roof™ System, your roof will arrive to site panelised and pre-insulated and will be crane-lifted directly on top of your structure, before being firmly secured.

All of our roofs are covered by our industry-leading sign-off process carried out by our directly employed contract team.

//Benefits of Timber Frame Roof Structures

  • Flexibility and versatility; can be designed for any roof shape
  • U-values are scalable to suit your performance requirements
  • Quick turnaround time, from manufacture to construction
  • One-Roof™ System is weathertight in a day
  • Timber frame roof construction lowers Health & Safety risk
  • Structural Timber Association Gold Standard Accredited
timber framing