Timber Frame Design & Construction

Pinewood Structures offers a complete timber frame manufacturing service including timber frame design, so we can meet your specifications accurately and efficiently.

With our design service, you will receive:

  • Guaranteed manufacturing consistency and product quality
  • Reduction in ‘design lead-in’ time to manufacture commencement
  • Reduced detailing input and less risk of design related errors
  • Consistent approach to detailing and obtaining approvals
  • Brick co-ordinating building heights with aperture head heights; brick sizes consistent and compliant with regulations
  • Standard stair-rise configurations

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Expert Timber Frame Construction

There are many reasons behind why the housing sector is increasingly choosing timber frame homes, as well as choosing Pinewood Structures for their timber frame construction.

Using our Timber Frame products significantly reduces the duration of a build. On average, a timber frame building can be built 8 weeks faster when compared to traditional building methods. Timber frames also bring down overall build costs by approximately 2.8%, with programme savings of up to 19.5%. Additionally, timber material acts as a carbon sink, trapping carbon when it is harvested which makes it one of the most sustainable materials that can be used for construction.

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Timber Frames Tailored to You

Pinewood Structures recognises that as regulations and practices change, so must we.

Did you know that 70% of the developed world’s population live in timber frame homes, but timber frames only account for 30% of new build houses in the UK?

This number is increasing however, as builders, developers and occupiers are realising the benefits that timber frame houses offer. We are able to offer many solutions that are both flexible and cost effective to meet with your specific needs. From floor cassettes to closed panel timber frame, our unique One-Roof™ technology to complete timber frame construction including timber frame design, we deliver solutions you can trust.

Benefits of Timber Frame Houses

  • Modern method of construction – MMC
  • Ease of service installation with service voids
  • Not weather dependent
  • Quicker return on capital outlay
  • Offsite manufacturing which means that the timber frame is made in a controlled environment and the quality of finished goods is assured and factory checked
  • Suited to standard off the shelf materials for follow on trades, i.e. minimal plasterboard and brickwork cutting which in turn reduces waste
  • Virtually Carbon Zero
  • Chain of Custody certification
  • Lightweight structures means there is often savings in foundations
  • Compliant with Farmer Report due to its sustainability
  • Closed panel offerings, compliant with Homes England bids
  • Assistance towards Building Regulation compliance including Future Homes Standard

Timber Frame Walls

Open Panel Timber Frame

Quantum 19 – Fully Factory Insulated Wall System – U-Value 0.19 W/m2/K

Quantum 17 – Fully Factory Insulated Closed Panel System – U-Value 0.24-0.17 W/m2/K

Timber Frame Floors

Metal Web Joists


Solid Joists

Timber Frame Roofs