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//Timber Frame Suppliers

The housing sector, alongside other sectors, is increasingly choosing timber frame construction from trusted companies such as Pinewood Structures for their projects. We are able to offer many solutions that are both flexible and cost-effective to meet your specific project needs. Plus, our designs come straight from the CAD software to our machines which ensure high levels of accuracy and quality.

From timber frame roofs and our unique, pre-insulated panelised One-Roof™ technology to open and closed panel timber frame walls and joists, we deliver a range of approved solutions you can trust. Offering both open panel timber frame MMC Category 2 and our fully approved, NHBC Accepts closed panel solution, and with our capability to manufacture trusses, I-joists, and floor cassettes in-house, we provide a complete timber frame construction service for your project.

//Offsite Timber Frame Construction Benefits

  • A wide range of timber frame products can be manufactured in factory conditions
  • A reliable relationship with our supply chain
  • Reduce the duration of your build with offsite construction
  • Lower overall build costs by approximately 2.8%
  • Use one of the most sustainable materials for construction
  • Increased safety and speed on site

timber frame manufacturing

//Our Timber Frame Factory

Pinewood Structures operate out of 2 factory units in central Bedfordshire location. We strive to invest in our infrastructure to make sure we stay at the forefront of the industry and deliver solutions tailored to your requirements. Proud to be traditional whilst adopting modern practices, we retain traditional flexibility to suit our customer’s changing needs and build programmes.

Using our timber frame construction service significantly reduces the duration of a build. Taking around 2 days to construct our timber frames – sometimes, even 1 day! – so we are always Trusted to Deliver. On average, a timber frame building can be built more than 8 weeks faster when compared to masonry construction methods. Not only can timber frame construction save you time, but it can also bring down overall build costs by approximately 2.8%, with programme savings of up to 19.5%. Even if your build route changes, we can easily adapt.