Pinewood Welcomes New Staff
Pinewood Structures are delighted to have recently announced the hiring of two new key staff members to our business, to help strengthen our position as one of the leading providers of Offsite Solutions in the UK.
Namrik Lall joins us as Business Development Manager as part of our Sales Team and has over 10 years experience in the Construction Industry, working with house builders and contractors.  We also welcome Graham Sweet, who joins us as Product Manager for our exciting panellised roofing system - One-Roof.  Graham has vast knowledge of the panellised roof products industry, with 20 years experience in timber engineering.

Jason Tisbury, Sales Director said:

“To have the likes of Graham and Namrik join us, with the experience and expertise that they bring, reinforces our position as a leading player in the offsite market.  Namrik will strengthen our presence in the West and South of England, reaching out to Housebuilders, Developers and Contractors in an area that we have always been successful in.

Graham is the ideal person to drive forward our exciting panellised roofing product, One-Roof, and help us provide much needed competition in this market.  Graham’s knowledge of the industry is vast, having worked for some of the largest manufacturers in the country and we’re excited by the knowledge and ability that both Graham and Namrik bring to Pinewood Structures.  We look forward to some exciting times ahead”.

For any enquiries with regards to Offsite Solutions in the West or South of England, please get in touch with Namrik Lall on 07999 029605 or email [email protected]

For information about our panellised roofing product, One-Roof, which can help you to build quicker and more safely, please get in touch with Graham Sweet on 07920 476241 or email [email protected]

To keep up to date with the latest information on Pinewood Structures and One-Roof, please follow us on social media:

or visit our One-Roof website:

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