Pinewood Structures QuantumTM system reduces need for expensive renewables

24 January 2012

Psi Value

Reduce costs without compromising SAP performance by using Pinewood's thermal modelling (Psi) values

Pinewood Structures has now thermally modelled all its timber frame standard junction details on its proprietary QuantumTM 0.17W/m2K U-value system bringing massive benefits to designers targeting low SAP targets, particularly when building homes to Code for Sustainable Homes standard 3, 4 or higher. Simply by using Pinewood’s QuantumTM system, a designer has more flexibility to hit cost targets without compromising on SAP performance.

Driving down the U-value specification for walls is one way of improving SAP performance of the fabric but is it the only way? The answer is a simple no. SAP also requires a designer to look at the thermal bridging of the non-repeating thermal bridges within a house or flat type. The standard default value is 15%, if the designer uses Accredited Details this can be reduced down to 8%. However using Pinewood’s thermal bridging Psi (ψ) values, this can be reduced to below 4% (dependent upon house design and situation). This has the effect of susbtantially reducing a building's Total Heat Loss leading to more CfSH points and increased design flexibility.

What this means in practice is that the SAP designer can substantially reduce building costs without reducing SAP performance. For example window specifications could be relaxed to double instead of triple glazing, or perhaps of more impact, the amount of expensive renewables can be reduced. For example in a detached house, the area of photo voltaic panels can be reduced by 3m2.

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