Pinewood Structures now offer Engineered Roof Truss and Engineered Floors:

11 July 2011

Engineered roof and floor systems for use with all forms of construction

Why buy trusses and joists from Pinewood Structures?

We are a specialist supplier of timber frame systems with 30 years of trading behind us. We are highly skilled in the designs of both roof trusses and flooring systems. Historically we have supplied these along with our own timber frame kits, but are now pleased to be able to supply engineered roof and floor systems to the open market as part of our expansion plans.

We have a track record of providing outstanding customer support both in terms of service delivery and technical support to both major and regional developers and contractors.

We are able to offer a comprehensive service for the design and delivery of the following services:

  1. Roof trusses supply - from simple to complex
  2. Pre-engineered floors - complete floor package using, solid timber, I-joists or metal web floors.

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