Core Value Set

Profit attainment
It starts with this, we are in the timber frame business to make money. All our activities and operations should support this objective. Healthy profits mean greater room for business development and at the individual level, greater opportunity.

Customers at our core
We make money by satisfying the needs of our customers better than anyone else. This leads to long term loyalty and higher profits. Competitive pricing, reliable quality and excellent customer service are key elements in achieving our objectives.

Efficiency across our operations
Only by being better than our competitors do we drive up our profit margins and sales.

Commitment from our people
All our activities should be aligned to our company objectives and each of us must strive to improve our contribution at all times.

Respect and integrity
We respect and value our people’s commitment to Pinewood Structures. We reward success. At all times our employees and our representatives will act with utmost integrity.