Foundry Court, Preston

Foundary Court, Preston

Pinewood Structures was selected to supply the structural timber frame to this prominent building close to Preston town centre. Following demolition of the existing former Goss Engineering building, work commenced on the timber frame construction of eleven 3 and 4 storey blocks comprising 438 bed student accommodations in 86 bed clusters. All student rooms are en-suite, each apartment having shared open plan kitchen and sitting room and communal leisure rooms and laundries.

Like many student accommodation projects, timber frame was chosen due to the speed of construction that condensed the build program required to meet the new student intake the following year. One of the benefits of using timber frame within construction is that it enables the structure to be made water tight much sooner than traditional build methods allowing other trades to start work much earlier on. Also build programs are predictable and less prone to the influences of weather conditions that would otherwise put the program at risk using more traditional construction methods. This not only ensures build programs are met, but prelim costs are vastly reduced.

Key benefits are:-

Typically 30% quicker than traditional
methods of construction – reduced prelim costs.

  • Brick work removed from critical path to enable works to proceed internally sooner
  • Non weather dependant, making planning more predictable
  • Reduced drying out time