Chain of custody


Pinewood Structures Ltd has recognized that the current housing market is driven, in part by environmental issues, and therefore must adjust its strategies and procedures to comply with the needs of our customers.

To meet with these market demands Pinewood Structures has worked towards the implementation of the Chain of Custody standard, which is a recognized environmental standard within the timber industry.

So what is Chain of Custody?

Chain of Custody is the unbroken path which products take from the forest to the consumer, including all stages of manufacturing, transportation and distribution.

Chain of Custody certification provides evidence that the certified product originates from certified, well managed forests, and verifies that these products are not mixed with products from uncertified forests at any point in the supply chain.

Chain of Custody Certification

The trademark of the Chain of Custody is a label on timber and wood products which indicates that the wood comes from a well-managed forest.

It gives assurance that the forest of origin has been independently inspected and evaluated to comply with an internationally agreed set of strict environmental, social and economic standards.

Who Needs Chain of Custody?

Manufacturers - timber traders - wholesalers - importers - builders - contractors - publishers - printers - in fact, all those whose customers want to advertise products as Chain of Custody certified.

There is a simple rule: if you own the timber or wood product, then you will need to have Chain of Custody certification or the chain of custody will be broken and the next owner will not be able to say that it is Chain of Custody certified.

Benefits of Chain of Custody Certification

It will add value to the Pinewood Structures product, giving it a verifiable social and environmental quality. It demonstrates that Pinewood Structures take the environmental concerns of our customers and staff seriously.

Pinewood Structures Limited are committed to ensuring that the service and product we supply is environmentally friendly and complies with any environmental laws - policies. Pinewood Structures will achieve part of this objective through Chain of Custody.

If you have any further questions relating to Chain of Custody please contact the Pinewood Structures Quality Department.