Open panel timber frame system

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Made from either  90mm or 140mm CLS, these are structural engineered panels forming the inside load bearing leaf of the cavity wall. During the manufacturing process the Timber Frame open panel system is made from treated softwood timber framing over which a structural sheet material of either 9mm OSB board known as sheathing is fixed with a vapour permeable but waterproof membrane fixed to the outside.

The panels are delivered open, hence the name. Windows and door frames are usually fixed on site. Once the building is weather tight and the electrical and plumbing has been completed, the insulation is installed between the studs before a vapour proof barrier is tacked up followed by the internal lining with plasterboard.

The outer leaf is typically stone, brick, render or timber to suit the local vernacular and planning requirements.

  • Is engineered to the highest level of accuracy and quality
  • Significantly simplifies on-site construction
  • Promotes greater efficiency and supply chain integration
  • Brings predictability and greater control to the construction process
  • Meets and often exceeds all current building regulations
  • Performs well in terms of fire and flood resistance
  • Improves construction health and safety
  • Has fewer defects and high customer satisfaction
  • Is by far the most environmentally friendly way to build