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Timber frame is one of the most technologically advanced and sustainable forms of construction available in the 21st century. It ensures a high quality product, reduces overall build costs and shortens the duration of build programmes.

70% of the developed world’s population live in timber frame houses. These include many in the USA, Canada, Scandinavia, Europe, Australia and Japan. In the UK, timber frame is  on the increase, as builders, developers and occupiers recognise the advantages.

These include:

  • Speed of build
  • Offsite manufacturing which means that the  timber frame is made in a controlled environment
  • Not weather dependent
  • Quality of finished goods assured & factory checked
  • Savings on Prelims
  • Quicker return on capital outlay
  • Lightweight structures – often savings in foundations
  • Sustainable materials
  • Chain of Custody certification
  • Key aspect of Code for Sustainable Homes assessment
  • Modern method of construction

Client benefits:

  • Guaranteed manufacturing consistency and product quality
  • Reduction in 'design lead-in' time to manufacture commencing
  • Reduced detailing input and less risk of design related errors
  • Consistent approach to detailing and obtaining approvals
  • Brick co-ordinating building heights with aperture head heights brick sized consistent and compliant with Regulations
  • Standard stair-rise configurations
  • Floor cassettes
  • Ease of service installation with service voids
  • Suited to standard off the shelf materials for follow on trades, i.e. minimal plasterboard and brickwork cutting which in turn reduces waste
  • Egan compliant, sustainable product
  • Reduced costs

Pinewood Structures recognises that as regulations and practices change then so do we.

We are able to offer many solutions that are both flexible and cost effective to meet with your specific need for example Quantum for housing or Student accommodation or Quantum C for retail or Commercial projects

Please see our product range in this section and please get in touch if you need further information.