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Pinewood Structures were selected by a well-respected Retirement living Housebuilder to erect this large 3-storey residential building in Waterlooville in Hampshire, this 80 bed Care homme and 50 private flats were a mixture of two and three bedroom apartments and a communal lounge area. 

The 3-storey nature of these units required structural design to satisfy requirements of Building Regulations and to support balconies. This was easily achieved using engineered timber ring beams and ‘I’ beam joist floor cassettes. This construction method is Pinewood Structures standard form of construction and drastically reduced the program over a traditional method with each block being erected and handed over within 10 weeks.

  • Typically, 30% quicker than traditional methods of construction.
  • Brick work removed from critical path to enable works to proceed internally sooner.
  • Non-weather dependant, making planning more predictable.
  • Reduced drying out time