Flooring systems

Eco-Joist Metal Web Joists

eco-joist flooring

Using ITW's Eco-joist  technology, Pinewood manufactures bespoke engineered joists for the company's floor deck cassette system. The majority of applications use 253mm joists with varying web sizes dependent upon the load condition. Metal web joists are ideal for housing where routing of services through the floor zone is extremely simple eliminating the need to drill or notch joists.

Metal web joists have the advantage over solid timber joists in that during the initial few years of construction, the settlement of the timber frame as a result of the reduction in moisture content of the timbers, is greatly reduced.

Metal web joists floor deflection is governed by the design criteria with maximum deflection governed by building regulations. However we would strongly recommend floor deflections are kept to a maximum of 9mm to ensure end user customer satisfaction. This is particularly the case in with higher density housing where living rooms are often on the first floor of a house.

I-Joist floors

I-Joist floor deck

I-joists since their intriduction to the UK has revolutionised floor construction. The standard size is 240mm which is used for the majority of applications with varying flange sizes to work with different load criteria.


I-joists utilise an OSB or fibreboard web with LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) or sometimes solid softwood for the flanges. This provides for a strong and reliable joist construction.


We particularly recommend the use of I-joists for flatted developments where services are routed within a defined service zone.

Caberfloor chipboard floor decking

Caberfloor chipboard

Norbord’s Caberfloor P5 is a high-strength wood particleboard engineered for domestic flooring. The product is greenish in colour.

Available in 18 or 22mm thickness, the moisture resistant variant is the UK’s most widely used particleboard flooring panel.

This is our standard product for finished floors. In extended construction periods which are likely to expose the flooring to the elements, in particular during the winter months, we would recommend that as a temporary measure the flooring is covered with the Glidevale's Protect A1 T3 floor protection.

For the best possible flooring protection, we would however recommend the use of Egger Protect chipboard flooring.

Egger Protect - The ultimate in chipboard flooring

Egger Protect chipboard flooring

Egger Protect is the ultimate finished flooring chipboard. EGGER Protect is manufactured from an EGGER P5 flooring grade particleboard with a unique, weather resistant surface layer applied to both the top and underside of the board.

According to Egger the product has a fully sealed surface which protects against water and moisture ingress on both sides of the board for up to 42 days in exposed conditions. The product is also ideal for use with under-floor heating. No joint sealing tape is required during construction.

We would recommend this product for all housing applications. It is a more expensive product than standard P5 chipboard but more and more quality house builders are seeing the benefits of this product in terms of increased customer satisfaction.