Floor protection

With the vagaries of the British climate, in particular during the winter months, we would recommend providing a protective cover to finished floors in housing. From a cost/performance perspective there are several options to protect a finished floor, however we would recommend the use of Glidevale's Protect A1 T3 floor protection membrane as the most cost effective solution. . We believe it to be a better solution than a "peel clean" system as it requires less taping and is less prone to rips and tears.

The alternative is to use a more robust chipboard such as a P7 grade chipboard which is less prone to swelling when wet. This of course is a more expensive option than covering P5 chipboard in the Protect membrane.

For flats, the OSB or chipboard sub-deck does not require the same treatment. The finished floor is laid once the building is water and weather tight.

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