Wolverhampton Fiveways

Fiveways Student Accomodation

Pinewood Structures was contracted to supply and deliver the timber frame structure for this 450 bedroom student accommodation complex located in Wolverhampton. The development involved the construction of five storey buildings and a designed seven storey landmark tower at its entrance located on a corner. The construction was based upon clusters of 4 to 5 bedrooms close to a large open space to accomodate kitchen facilities and an incorporated lounge. The architects design included various-sized bedrooms - en-suite bedrooms, 4ft-bed-space bedrooms and double-bed bedrooms, to allow for the client to provide accomodation to varying students' requirements.

Pinewood Structures completed the timber frame works in 20 weeks which allowed the contractor to meet the stringent dates for the new student intake to take possession for the new term.

One of the benefits of using timber frame construction is the speed the building can be made watetight. This allows follow on trades to start work earlier on in the construction process and unlike masonry construction, this work can commence at the same time as the bricklayers clad the buiding. In summary:

> typically 20-25% quicker than traditional methods of construction - (as confirmed by NAO report)

> brick work removed from critical path to enable works to proceed internally sooner

> non-weather dependant, making planning more predictable

> reduced drying out time

If you would like to read the full NAO report, please click on this link