Tesco Great Harwood


Tesco Greater Harwood Tesco Greater Harwood

The £0.15m project, similar to the store in Barnstaple, has been highly praised for its sustainability and environmentally-friendly features. It was recognised at the LACBC North West Building Excellence Awards as The Best Small Commercial Building and Sustainable Project. Furthermore the client has acknowledged the importance that the timber frame has played in the construction’s sustainability qualifications:

“In line with ‘Our Design’ targets in our sustainability strategy DNA, the new store has a large number of carbon reduction and energy initiatives within it which greatly helped its sustainability credentials. It has a timber frame, with timber cassette external walls and a roof completely covered in PV panels. The standard large rooflights and windcatchers are also incorporated, making the shopping experience for the customer bright within.”

 To see the article in full, please follow this link to Patton’s website.

 The client was able to achieve this significant recognition of sustainability by using our Quantum CTM Continuous Wall System which has a Chain of Custody certification. This assures the client that the timber used has originated from a well managed and certified forest, which complies with an internationally agreed set of strict environmental, social and economic standards. In addition to its environmental features, the paneling erected in 33 days gives the 818m2 eco-superstore and ATM an aesthetic, natural and tasteful appearance.